The Hiersche Law Firm is a well established small business law firm with over 35 years experience in serving the legal needs of businesses and individuals throughout the State of Oklahoma. The one thing it prides itself on more than any other is it strives to give each of its clients the personal attention deserving of their legal issue. You will always be able to discuss your issue with an individual attorney. The expertise of the members of the firm varies widely, so no matter the legal issue, you can be confident that the advice and action you receive will be well founded and based on many years experience.

The Hiersche Law Firm chooses not to conduct any mass media advertising and relies solely on our present clients and their contacts for its work load. Because of this, we give our clients the best results available. To this end, if the legal issues involved are not something the firm regularly engages in, we will gladly refer clients to a firm that can best assist their legal needs.

The Hiersche Law Firm has a distinguished history of practice in foreclosures, forcible entry and detainer, receivable collections, the negotiation and interpretation of commercial and construction contracts, commercial business litigation and insolvency. In addition, it is well versed in criminal defense of all kinds. Although Hiersche Law Firm is situated in Oklahoma City, it regularly practices in counties statewide in both civil and criminal litigation.